Welcome to Samantha Archer Photography

I am so glad you decided to come and check out my page! I would love to hear from you. But first let's take a moment to get to know me. I am a single mom of two great and wild boys. I love capturing timeless memories to cherish forever of all their craziness. From the giggles, the smiles, even the tantrums! Each and evert piece of it all, I hold near and dear to my heart. And that is exactly what I love to

do for all my families.

Photographed by the wonderful talented Jessica Popovich Photography

Lets get to the details!

How long have I been Photographing for?

I picked up a camera when I was about 15 years old and a freshmen in high school. I loved art and we had many art class requirements at my school. Many great options that most school did not offer, I did some drawing class, ceramics, painting classes. I have always been artsy and even took an extensive art class in middle school. In the program we preformed at a college level. We eve got accepted to participate in the Buffalo Art Galleries annual Art Alive competition in 2012. In which we one first place! Going into high school I was eager to expand my art abilities and try new things. I took a classic black room photography corse. We learned how to develop film and worked in a black room to process all of are prints. I was in love with it. I went out and bought a beginners cannon camera. I remember my mom thinking I was crazy for buying a $400.00 camera. As most teenagers has phases. She thought it was a phase. she quickly became a huge supporters. My love for it never went away either. its only grown more and more. Now I call it my Namste! As it brings so much peace and happiness when I am behind the camera.

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